November Sonne/Sun

Es ist November und trotz des frischen Windes kann diese hübsche Radlerin vor der Staatsoper die Grünphase nicht erwarten, um mehr Sonne zu tanken.
Although it’s November, this cyclist beauty can’t wait for the green light so that she can grab more sunshine!

Schlafende Schönheiten am Margaretengürtel. Ja, Wien hat eines der besten Rad-Miet-Systeme. Diese Radl mit 1-Gang oder 3-Gang warten auf schicke Wiener.
Sleeping beauties at the Margaretengürtel. Well, Vienna has got one of the best cycle-renting systems. These bikes (with 1-gear or 3-gears) are waiting for stylish viennese people or tourists to take them through the city.

Schwere Lieferung. Mein Radl transportiert nicht nur mich! Offensichtlich ein Musiker, wie passend vor dem Künstlerhaus und Musikverein.

Heavy delivery. My bike not only carries me! Adequately, this musician is passing the Künstlerhaus and Musikverein, the famous temples of classical music.

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  1. Park says:

    01 Jul 22, 2012 2:45 am Wow I got an email from you to check out your videos. I thought it was some sort of scam at first, but, surprisingly, the video in the email link described something about time management , which I severely lack right now. After watching this video, I feel like I should cherish my time instead of dreading the boredom. I should add more gold to my hours instead of just passing through time in an empty train. ThankS!

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