Die Wiener Ringstrasse, mit ihrer weiten Allee, bietet einen der schönsten innerstädtischen Radwege. Nicht nur deshalb findet man dort zwischen Bäumen und Fiakern schicke Wiener Radler.
The Vienna Ringstrasse, with its’ beautiful alley, is one of the cities most beautiful cycling spots. Because of that, you’ll find elegant cyclists between trees and horse carriages.

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8 Responses to Ringstrasse

  1. Marco says:

    So true, one of the nicest places to ride in central Europe!

  2. Flavio says:

    foxcharles –Website appearance is under Dymphna’s cotnrol. If she wants a change, it gets changed. If she doesn’t, it stays the same.I’ll make sure she sees your suggestion, though… 🙂

  3. That’s a smart way of thinking about it.

  4. Sana says:

    This is key, really. Getting more inifll development up to 4-5 stories would do wonders for Boston. The North End fits 170 dwelling units/net acre in that constraint. That’s more than necessary, even.Coverage is more important than height. Not wasting space on useless, unloved greenspace like median strips is important; it takes away from real parks. Not wasting space on parking lots is important; those are dead spaces. Small blocks and diversity of use is important; makes walking a joy instead of a chore.The problem is that density is associated with ugly towers-in-the-park development, and people rightfully recoil from that. But those towers are not really dense because of all the land wasted around them. And that land ends up being perfect for parking lots, so nobody walks anywhere, and the streets go dead.

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