Schwarz in schwarz / All black

Schwarz in schwarz & grossartige Accessoires. Das Burberry-Muster passt wohl immer zu Schwarz und die Haube gibt dem ganzen eine besondere Note.

Dressed in Black with gorgeous accessories. The Burberry pattern always goes well with a black coat and the hat adds up to a great outfit. Well done madam!

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1 Response to Schwarz in schwarz / All black

  1. Jhon says:

    Ari Seth ~ I have a beautiful, black pant suit with an opera-length coat that I bohgut nearly 20 years ago. I absolutely love it! I have a pair of white lace cuffs I, sometimes, wear with it. (I wear a white shirt with it on some days, and on others a beautiful blue one.) I will be terribly sad when the day comes it will no longer be wearable.

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