Wiener Supermum / Viennese supermum!

Ja, es gibt auch in Wien Supermums. Mütter die Ihre Kinder mit dem Rad in die Schule bringen. Cargoräder sieht man leider noch sehr selten. Vielleicht müssen unsere Freunde aus den Niederlanden oder Dänemark noch mehr erzählen oder zeigen! Für Kinder ist es ein unglaublicher Spass am Fahrrad zu sein. Hier eine Wiener Supermum unterwegs bei der Oper, in High Heels natürlich!

Well, Vienna also has its share of Supermums! Mums who bring their kids to school by bicycle. Still it’s rare that you see cargo bikes, but maybe our Danish or Dutch friends could show us and tell us more about that. It’s so much fun for kids on a bike! Here’s a Viennese super mum passing the opera on her way, in heels, of course!

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2 Responses to Wiener Supermum / Viennese supermum!

  1. sophie says:

    thats a really sexist post. yuk.

    • Jen says:

      Dear Sophie, I’m sorry if our post offended you, it was not our intention. We could have also posted a Superdad, although probably not in high heels 🙂 What we tried to show is, that you don’t need a helmet and nylon gear (or sports shoes for that matter) to take your bike and that you don’t need a car to transport your children. And in the end a woman can choose whatever she wants to wear, and if she decides to ride her bike with high heels, then we at Vienna Cycle Chic think that’s pretty fabulous!

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