Vienna Hot High Heels

Es gibt viele Schuhe die fürs Radfahren geeignet sind. Gestern hatten wir einen Herrn mit Budapestern und heute haben wir diese fabelhaften grau-blauen Samt High Heels. Der beachtliche Absatz und die Grazie der Schuhe verleihen der Szene flair! Heiss!

Many shoes are favourable for cycling. Yesterday we’ve seen a gentleman in solid Budapest-style shoes and today we’ve got these wonderful gray-blueish high heels. Their height adds a special touch to the scene. Hot!

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3 Responses to Vienna Hot High Heels

  1. freakyshoe says:

    Hut ab! mit den Schuhen zu fahren ist bestimmt anstrengend

  2. Marina says:

    I saw a bunch of girls on my facebook joneid ST’s group and they seem very obsessed with this brand. I was like “WTH”? Two words for this brand “Cheap” and “Ugly”. In fact, I would say it is terribly designed. The material looks cheap and lousy. I think people are just too poor to get a serious brand-named handbags, that’s why they go for something affordable with well-advertised products. And they try to convince themselves that it is a “hit” and “fashionable” item. Feeling sad for them…

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