International Women’s Day

pink'n black

Hier unser Beitrag zum Welt Frauentag!
Here’s our share to the international women’s day!
pink'n blackin the windblueGreenGreen

Thanks for the fotos from our friend Peter P. !

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2 Responses to International Women’s Day

  1. Mahmoed says:

    Dear Maria,thank you very much for this great link about blogging! I loved to read it and must say that those words are so true.Anyway, I m not a prosifseonal blogger or blogging by profession. For many of us it s just fun, for me it means a way out of the daily housekeeping and all the work. But I don t blog to have many visitors, I don t blog to increase my number of readers and followers. And so I keep my own freedom :DI must say that I appreciate all visits and all comments of people who are passing by and I always try to answer every single message. But I m not 24 hours or day and night focussed on blogging.Maybe the American community is also much bigger than the Belgian blogging-community. And I found out that meanwhile there are many German ladies blogging about interior and lifestyle as well now. So, it s normal that they get many followers and comments, I guess.Thank you for all your kind messages! :DAll the best and many sunny greetings,Marjolijn

  2. Aku says:

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