Noch mehr RadPaRade, more of the Parade!

the hoodbike

Weil’s so schön war haben wir noch mehr Bilder.  Ab morgen könnt ihr den PaRadlStar wählen und damit den Gewinner des Hoodbike (siehe oben) bestimmen. Wir stellen eine Auswahl der über 100 Kandidaten vor, damit ihr beim Online-Voting den PaRadlStar küren könnt!

Just because the parade was such a success, we’ve got some more pictures. From tomorrow on  you can vote for the PaRadlStar, who will be winner of the Hoodbike. We’ve selected the best candidates out of over 100 chic cyclists, so vote for your PaRadlStar!

our speedos
the parade
the parade
the funky guy
in front of the parlament
the parade
the youngest
the real deal
the parade
we all started small
the parade

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1 Response to Noch mehr RadPaRade, more of the Parade!

  1. Jon says:

    What a surprize and degilht to see my work on your blog !It just so happens that yesterday I purchased my first three cans of “Montana” spray paint with “6” different spray width attachments…The young man at the art store thought it was to cool, it wanted to know what high school I taught at.Thanks Alisa, Your the Best!

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