Summer in red

summer in red 1

Der Sommer ist warm, genauso wie die Farbkombination dieser Radlprinzessin!

Summer is warm – so is this red color combination of our cyclist princess!

summer in red 2

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2 Responses to Summer in red

  1. pumpaij says:

    Wow, she’s beautiful!

  2. Ritawati says:

    I would really like to tone up, and hit a size 6 (dare I hope for a 4?). I am cuntrrely an 8 and am not terribly overweight but would love to be toned. I usually go to jazzercise 3-4 times a week, which is good for cardio and strength, and I’ve begun doing several of the strength exercises you’ve posted. I feel like without an instructor in front of me I don’t work as hard at home. I love the eating more frequently, and am eating healthier because of it!! If you could work more wine into the eating plan that would be perfect!!

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