We love Berlin!

Berlin - on the Bridge

Berlin ist eine ganz besonder Stadt. Berlin ist eine unserer Cycle Chic Städte.
Berlin Cycle Chic
Hier zeigen wir euch wie die Berliner bei Minus-Graden durch ihre Stadt rollen.

Berlin is a very special city. Berlin is also one of our Cycle Chic Cities.
Berlin Cycle Chic
Here are some impressions of how people get around while freezing temperatures.

Berlin - smarty
Smart style @ Görlitzer Park

Berlin - relax chic in the parkRelaxed cycling @ Görlitzer Park

Berlin - dog walking
Dog walking @ Görlitzer Park

Berlin - have fun with the kids
Kids fun @ Görlitzer Park

Berlin - racer
City racer @ Kreuzberg

Berlin - wife
My beautiful Valentin @ Kreuzberg

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2 Responses to We love Berlin!

  1. Armen says:

    i’m also trying to grow an avoadco plant out of a pit! does the pit have to hang directly in the water? and how long did it take for you until it cracked up? :)looks beautiful.

  2. Well done article that. I’ll make sure to use it wisely.

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