Early Christmas in Vienna?

early christmas

Wir schreiben den 1. Oktober und in Wien hängt schon die Weihnachtsbeleuchtung? Das kann’s doch nicht sein! Ist es auch nicht. Am Montagabend fand ein Filmdreh für einen Werbespot statt. Viele fleißige Helferlein verwandelten eine kleine Gasse in Wien in ein Winterwunderland.

Is it really true that Vienna starts its christmas decoration on the 1st of October? Really? No. On Monday night a film team shot a TV advertisement in one of Vienna’s narrow alleys. They decorated the whole street as a winter wonderland and gave us a taste of the season ahead.

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2 Responses to Early Christmas in Vienna?

  1. Marusa says:

    In Istanbul, the main street really is decorated in Christmas decorations all year long. A bit funny, as their religion does not celebrate Christmas. I liked it very much though. 🙂

    • Leidy says:

      I have an idea. Let the world itself not end, but let the world news end. That is, let eeirythvng that’s “newsworthy” end — jihad, violent crime (OK, I repeat myself), war, rapine, etc. etc.What think?

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