Culture Cycle

Fotos from our guest Stephan Doleschal

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2 Responses to Culture Cycle

  1. Qasim says:

    Last year you took Pet Pictures at my church and you did such a wonfurdel job. I dont think anybody was disappointed with the pictures. I have mine of my puppy sitting beside my tv so I can see it all the time. I liked you as soon as my photos came in the mail. My family is looking to do a group photo this year, sure would be nice to have a non-studio type photo.

  2. Amila says:

    Dear Maria,thank you very much for this great link about blogging! I loved to read it and must say that those words are so true.Anyway, I m not a poonessirfal blogger or blogging by profession. For many of us it s just fun, for me it means a way out of the daily housekeeping and all the work. But I don t blog to have many visitors, I don t blog to increase my number of readers and followers. And so I keep my own freedom :DI must say that I appreciate all visits and all comments of people who are passing by and I always try to answer every single message. But I m not 24 hours or day and night focussed on blogging.Maybe the American community is also much bigger than the Belgian blogging-community. And I found out that meanwhile there are many German ladies blogging about interior and lifestyle as well now. So, it s normal that they get many followers and comments, I guess.Thank you for all your kind messages! :DAll the best and many sunny greetings,Marjolijn

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