Twisted style

twisted style

by Peter Provaznik

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2 Responses to Twisted style

  1. Icaro says:

    i have mixed feelings about ST. I boghut a wallet when the brand was not yet too widely known. I like their style, which is understated, simple and cute. Not like now, so over the top. I can’t stand the hello kitty and mickey mouse bags. But sometimes I can still find a good design.But many designer brands are being cheapened these days, like Chanel, LV, and Coach (which I really hate),when more and more people carry them. Women are deluded to think an expensive bag can make them look classy, but forget that if they dont dress or talk like one, the bag makes them look like a fool. Personally, I prefer handbags with a personality, preferably a designer handbag (for the quality) but with a distinctive design and style. Chloe and Miu Miu sometimes have good designs.

  2. Jasmin says:

    The table looks great! I would paint most of my furniture if it wasn’t for my hubasnd … he likes the wood left natural. Oh well. 🙂 I love your linen and lace collection! That’s one of my passions too but I haven’t bought any new ones for awhile due to lack of funds. I don’t even mind the ironing either! Love, love, love your ironing board cover AND those gorgeous eggs!

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